Community Development

Quality of Life

The Community Development Department provides comprehensive land use services, both to the public and to the city, in support of the preservation, assistance, and regulation of development in the City of Brea and its sphere of influence. The department's primary goal is to ensure and enhance the quality of life in the community.


The department also performs the following duties:

  • Oversees the long-range and regional planning issues of importance to Brea and the surrounding region
  • Issues all building, planning and public works permits
  • Performance of building inspections
  • Tracking of development fees
  • Preservation of neighborhoods (both residential and business) through the Neighborhood Enhancement Program and the Code Enforcement Program

The department acts as coordination and technical staff to other city departments seeking land use and project management expertise. The department also serves as the staff liaison to the Planning Commission.


Community Development is responsible for the City's programs related to development projects, city real estate, and economic development including affordable housing and business services.

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City Council Requests Options for Downtown Parking Structure

The Brea City Council requested "dual track" initial processing at its June 16 meeting for comparison of two concepts proposed for additional downtown parking on the east side of Brea Boulevard. An earlier presentation and a detailed staff report outlined important considerations. The Council is now seeking more comprehensive information related to an alternative from Jamboree Housing that incorporates affordable housing units within the construction of a parking structure .

Processing over the next 45 to 60 days will involve several professional consultants retained to perform cost estimate reviews and to analyze deal points. The Council has not yet committed any City funding for construction of such a project. It will be considering potential financial support during this period. At a future Council meeting they may chose to move forward with one of the options and can order preparation of bridging documents necessary for initiating a bid process. A comprehensive CEQA document can be expected for public consideration related to other downtown development being proposed in tandem with this.